Back From Honeymoon, Starting Catch Up Process

I just finished my honeymoon July 22nd, and now I'm trying to catch up on the backlog while I was away...

Those of you that know me, know that I am involved in a LOT of different projects, so being gone for over 3 weeks has created a huge backlog.

I have scores of voicemails and postal mail items I need to respond to. And I have THOUSANDS of emails to sort through and hundreds to respond to! So it is going to take a while to get caught up.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I attempt to do so.


-Hawke Robinson

July 22nd, 2019


For those interest in some highlights from the honeymoon:

We were at New Orleans 4 fabulous days, and then escaped the hurricane
just in time as they were shutting down all the flights that day.

Then we went with our backup of:
* Yellowstone
* Grand Tetons
* The Homestead crater swim/soak & horseback riding
* Park City (visiting statue of my grandfather on Main street and
museum) & the Alpine Slide & Mountain Coaster rides (and various
* White Water Rafting in central Utah
* Brian Head & Cedar Breaks (over 10,500+ feet above sea level)
* Shakespeare festival in Cedar City
* The waterfalls in Idaho Falls
* and more!