Status Update 20200605

Several people asked me to provide a status update of what I'm up to, and what is in the works in the near future this year. I don't have time to answer each separately, I am soooo swamped with TFN/WorldCon+ right now, but between mental breaks I'll fill this in and then send folks the link so they get the information they need to help us out. And hopefully get some folks helping lighten my (over)load. :-)

2020. Wow! What a year! Definitely as I've been saying at every broadcast, "Year of the confirmed critical"!

What has happened the past 12 months.

WSTRA 2019

ATRA 2019

GenCon 2019

GenConTV Tabletakes 2019 - 2020+

Interviews / podcasts/vidcasts

RPGs in Prison Documentary

Spark Central 2019 - 2020.5

ZoeCon IV

What is happening in the next 6+ months

About to become Grandfather

Road Trip to New Hampshire

Road Trip to Texas - Paul Cardwell Legacy

Creating the RPG Museum

RPG Research Current Status

Spark Central

Online Games

Summer Hobbit-Themed RPG Party (Spark Central)

Desperately Need Warehouse Space to Move Bus, Trailers, Studio, Server Hosting, & Training to

Moving everything to Odoo 12 from Odoo 13 (Plus Gluu)

Desperately Need Volunteer Coordinator Volunteer

Desperately Need Fundraising, Community Outreach, & Grant Writer Volunteers

RPG Bus & Trailer Current Status

RPG Therapeutic Current Status

RPG Workshops Current Status

RPG Parties Current Status

RPG Camp

RPG Therapy Chapter in Penn State Datillo Book Status

RPG Trainee Level 1 Program Status

RPG Trainee 1 Workbook Status

RPG Trainee Level 2 Training Status

RPG Trainee Level 3 Training Status

RPG Training Level 4 Training Status

Totally Swamped Building the TFN Platform

RPG Fund

GenCon TV Table Takes and Roundtable

Had to cancel RPG Conference 2020. Onward to RPG Conference 2021.

Time-shifted Tolkien Moot XVI

GenCon - Physical Cancelled - Virtual a Go!

WorldCon 2020 - New Zealand Con - Virtual -

Still in backlog

Experiences of Gender Bias research studies

Dattillo RPG Therapy Book Chapter

RPG Professionals Handbook of Practice Book

SpoCon 2020 in October