Hawke's experience and current endeavors with Brain-Computer Interface and related technologies.

I have been interested in EEG and BCI related technologies since the late 1980s.

See the latest on my BCI projects at www.bcirpg.com.

I am a huge advocate accessibility inclusiveness.

I am the founder and Executive Director of the 501(c)3 non-profit RPG Research. 

I have, among other things, a background in nursing, recreational therapy, gaming, neuroscience, music, and more, which has supported and inspired my  decades-long endeavor to use non-invasive neuro-and-bio technology interfaces for people with accessibility issues, as well as enhancing experiences for the general public in educational, entertainment, and recreational activities.

I was first involved with role-playing games in 1977. I also began software development and engaging in the online community in 1979 (through the University of Utah connection to ArpaNet (later the Internet)) and various BBSes.

I have been involved with VR equipment since the late 1980s using Amigas (still have a working Amiga 2000) and other equipment over the decades.

Developed Virtual-Reality Markup Language (VRML) websites in the mid-to-late-90s.

Experimenting with early AR in the late 90s and early 2000s with early PDAs and "smartphones" long before iOS and Android existed (Nokia, Palm phones, etc), combined with early location and GPS technologies.

Experimenting with biofeedback, neurofeedback, and bio-controlled devices since 1996 (a la mouse cursor controlled by single fingertip clip for example).

Since about 2005 working on integration of electroencephalogram (EEG), electromyography (EMG), and brain-computer interface (BCI) equipment with computers, mobile devices, VR, and AR. Experimenting with a wide range of VR and AR hardware and software, including used in educational, artistic, social, and therapeutic programs.

LIS & CLIS - Locked In Syndrome and Complete Locked in State

I was dramatically motivated to try to find a solution for those people suffering from Locked-in Syndrome (LIS) and Complete Locked-in State (CLIS). It started with caring for a young adult in 1990 as a nurse's aide and LPN trainee, at Doxie Hatch Medical Center, and additionally for many others with various injuries and neurological disorders as a habilitation therapist at Hillcrest Care Center. Ever since he has wanted to figure out a way to use technology to help them reconnect socially, set them free of their physical prisons of the active minds trapped in their bodies, and gain back some of their lives. I have also furthered my experience and research at many other facilities as well as my own research projects. I spent some time at Saint Luke's Rehabilitation in the Cardiac, Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), and Brain Injury (BI) departments, using music and recreational therapy, as well as working on my BCI related projects, and developing the accessible RPG Trailer, RPG Bus, and RPG Mobile.

The goal, and real-world metrics test, is if someone with profound disabilities, including experiencing locked-in syndrome (LIS) or complete locked-in state (CLIS), can be freed from their prison to engage socially in complex multiplayer social cooperative problem-solving role-playing games.

Program phases and updates on our live streams and Github: https://github.com/RPG-Research/

Main website: www.bcirpg.com - alias: https://www.rpgresearch.com/bci-rpg

Moved project name from erpg to bcirpg.

New open source Github source code repository is now: https://github.com/RPG-Research/bcirpg was The opensource github repository: https://github.com/RPG-Research/erpg

The project Wiki: https://github.com/RPG-Research/erpg/wiki