My billable rates range significantly based on the specifics. For example I provide sliding scale and pro bono work for some non-profit charities and communities. This page represents a guideline of my average rates.

Standard Rates

Fully remote work, or in the greater Spokane, Washington / Northern Idaho region:

  • $250/hr + expenses.

If having to work or (temporarily with my mobile facilities) reside in Seattle, Portland, or other such locations:

  • $300/hr + expenses.

Other Rates

Live event public speaking rates

  • Fully remote events live public speaking: $1,000 event base + expenses, +500 per additional live speaking engagement. No Per Diem necessary.
  • At US-based event/client site live public speaking: base $2,000 + expenses, +$1,000 per additional speaking engagement or day on site. $500 per diem based on location.
  • Contact me for other rates outside of the US.

Actor Rates

  • $120/hr or $1,000/day.

Research Interviews

Market research, or other research interviews/surveys (remote/phone only):

  • $300/hr (gift cards not accepted).

Other Options (Corp-to-Corp)