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William Hawkes-Robinson ("Hawke Robinson")

Matrix User (since 2020)


I have over 40+ years tech & online experience. Fractional CTO/CIO for multiple companies. After's IRC was taken down by a massive global DDoS in 2002 for over a year, I helped them start to rebuild from scratch, starting on my own ISP/WISP infrastructure first as the initial core from scratch, & back online since 2003. Founder Founder of non-profit,, "Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming",,, consultant. Using Matrix since 2020, implemented matrix-synapse servers and web clients for school districts, community programs, world events (WorldCon, GenCon, etc.), & more.

Platform Statement

Open source federated communication and data technologies like the protocol are critically important for the future freedom of technology innovation and raising up of the overall human condition for humanity everywhere.

For open source (and humanity) to grow & thrive, there must be unhindered global communication allowing the free & open sharing of ideas, free from oppression, to help raise up the overall human condition.

I have a long history of open source advocacy.

I have been online since 1979, using Linux since 1994, & always been a very active open source, trust & transparency, advocate.

I have seen globally multiple iterations of freedom-oppression cycles affect the flow of ideas & innovation directly, further impacted by technologies & social trends.

In addition to my extensive technology background & role as Fractional CTO of, I am also known as "The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming" and Founder of the world's largest free and open archives on the effects & uses of role-playing games.

I have decades as a talk show host & guest on many terrestrial & online radio shows, streams, and podcasts.

I am also a Recreational Therapist with a background in Research Psychology, music, Neuroscience, AI, and Neurotechnologies.

I am frequently consulted for "ethical psychology" of technology designs, such as ethical game tech design, ethical AI, ethical neurotech, etc.

I am also an active accessibility advocate for people of all ages, abilities, and neurodistinctiveness.

I have directly impacted the technology, accessibility, & communication policies of PBS, WorldCon, many school districts, & many others.