RPG Professionals Level 1 Training Workbook Submitted for Preview Publication to Amazon

Unless a problem is found, the Amazon Preview Edition of the" Role-Playing Game Professional Level 1 Training Workbook" may be available for purchase in print-on-demand and Kindle formats within 72 hours!

I have been working feverishly all week/months/years on the Workbook.

ISBN for Amazon Preview Print edition:  979-8-5705530-4-0

At long last the Amazon edition of the Role-Playing Game Professionals Level 1 Training Workbook has been submitted to Amazon for Print on Demand and Kindle publication.

The site indicates it may take up to 72 hours to hear back about approval, or if they will be kicked back for any corrections. 

If all goes well, in about 72 hours the workbook will be available for purchase.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the lower price point I wanted due to the 300 page count. After Amazon's charges for international distribution, I had to set the physical Print on Demand version of the workbook price to $19.99.

However, for the e-book I was able to set to just $2.89.

This isn't about royalties, it is about ease of access and maximal distribution to set standards.

Though, if there are any profits, 20% will be donated directly to the non-profit RPG Research, and the rest will remain with the company RPG.LLC to help cover future projects. I don't expect there to be enough in sales to ever pay myself for this book, but that is okay if it helps support the larger picture.

Of course, it is the physical book that is needed, but the ebook version could at least help address curiosity for people.

I did _not_ enable DRM on the eBook version, and I _did_ allow for purchases to have permission for temporary sharing with friends, family, co-workers, in the hopes it helps with viral marketing.

The eBook edition states very clearly on the first (title) page that the printed edition is recommended.

I'll send out announcements all over once the book is finally actually available for purchase.

Remember this is an Amazon preview release, not quite the final First Edition. I'm still waiting for the Library of Congress to get back to me (could be weeks) for their authorization codes. Meanwhile we can use feedback from the Amazon Preview Edition to help make the First Edition that must better.

I have also decided to try and put some of the key diagrams into the Workbook for the final First Edition (with empty spaces to write in the text for each diagram).

So, still more to do, but a major milestone reached at last!


-Hawke Robinson

STATUS UPDATE 16:15 PST8PDT 20201128

Though I still show "2 pending approval", and no link for the printed
version, I was able to go through and complete the purchase process for
the Kindle eBook at this URL:


This eBook version has Text-to-Speech and other features enabled.

I recommend disabling multi-coloumn mode and reading it in
horizontal (landscape) mode with the reader. While some of the lines
still break format it is less broken than in portrait view.

More updates as they happen.

STATUS UPDATE 18:17 PST8PDT 20201128

The ebook is now "Live". The Printed book still "In Review".