Differentiation Between RPG Research and RPG.LLC

I am founder of several companies and many community groups/sites. Two of which are the non-profit RPG Research and the for-profit RPG.LLC. While both based on the same premise, the power of role-playing games to improve lives, they each have their separate bailiwicks. This page attempts to summarize those distinctions.


RPG Research RPG.LLC Notes
Non-profit 501(c)3 For-profit
Incorporated with board and executive staff Single-owner Limited Liability Company 
Volunteer-run (unpaid) Paid employees
Research and community programs (global and online) Commercial services (regional and online)
Research studies Professional sessions
Research repository
Volunteer training Paid training workshops
Research - RPG Journal RPG Publishers dba - books
Research - other publications
Research + Community = RPG Museum
Prototyping Evidence-in-practice


RPG Research RPG.LLC Notes
Researchers - academics, educators, therapists, entertainers, professionals and aspiring professionals Therapy clients/patients
Community program participants Therapists looking for intensive training
Volunteers signing up Healthcare facilities wanting programs provided by us delivered to their clients/patients
Laypersons - gamers, parents/caretakers of gamers, and curious non-gamers Healthcare facilities wanting training for their staff
Museum participants Educational facilities wanting programs provided by us delivered to their students
Potential museum item donors (game materials of historical or cultural significance) Educational facilities wanting training of their staff
Prospective Volunteers Prospective employees
Potential financial donors Potential customers
Research and community programs item donors (game materials useful for research and community programs) Business staff and executives wanting team-focused training
Executive retreats

Specific Service Offerings

RPG Research RPG.LLC Notes

Specific Product Offerings

RPG Research RPG.LLC Notes

Overlap / Shared

RPG Research and RPG.LLC Share Notes
Wheelchair Friendly RPG Bus/Trailer Fleet / RPG Mobile Fleet Need to separate
Gaming supplies Need to separate
Web Servers (some growing separation) Separating
Both TR / RT and related disciplines based Okay to share
Same founder Okay to share

From RPG.LLC and donated to RPG Research

From RPG.LLC Donated to RPG Research Notes

Impact from engagement

RPG Research RPG.LLC Notes
World's best free and open research repository on RPGs
Entire local communities improved (globally)