Short Summary of What I Am Up To As of August 2022

Very short version: ManufacturingPower CTO, RPG Research CEO and Lead Researcher, and RPG Therapeutics President and Lead Therapist.

I am juggling several companies daily:

  • ManufacturingPower as CTO
  • RPG Research as CEO (and tech lead)
  • RPG Therapeutics as President (and tech lead)

ManufacturingPower is combination of mobile app and enterprise web platform helping address supply chain sourcing issues.

RPG Therapeutics using role-playing games as therapeutic intervention modalities using in-person and technology solutions.

RPG Research 501(c)3 non-profit charity providing a wide range of research and evidence-in-practice music and role-playing game programs across multiple modalities for a very wide range of populations from ages 2 years old through senior adults, and everyone in between, including many populations with special requirements. Including the new RPG Community Center facilities and RPG Museum.

Among many endeavors, including years-long continuing progress of an opensource development of brain-computer interface controlled online cooperative multiplayer turn-based role-playing games (BCI-RPG) and artificial intelligence (AI) Game Master (AI-GM) and RPG (AI-RPG) technologies for tabletop, live-action, electronic, and hybrid role-playing games (RPGs).

I am also trying to find time to finish the following:

  • Role-Playing Game Professionals Workbook Level 1, 2nd Edition (18 week program and 24 week program), book.
  • Role-Playing Game Professionals Instructor Manual Level 1 (24 week program).
  • Collected Works of RPG Research Volume I, book.
  • Collected Works of W.A. Hawkes-Robinson Volume I, book.
  • The Therapeutic Recreation Role-Playing Game Handbook of Practice, book.
  • Activity Assessment Form (AAF).
  • Activity Assessment Form, Role-Playing Games (AAF-RPG).
  • Observed Immersion Scale (OIS).
  • Observed Immersion Scale, Role-Playing Games (OIS-RPG).