Hawke Robinson: Innovator in Technology, Education, and Healthcare. Music and Recreational Therapist, "Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming". Adventurer, Advocate, Consultant, Developer, Educator, Entrepreneur, Executive, Explorer, Innovator, Mentor, Musician, Researcher, Teacher, and Technologist

Multi-industry innovator with decades of ground-breaking experience. Excels at being the person who helps bring to life from the conceptualization of a business leader’s ideas and turning them into successful technology implementations. Excellent bridge in communication between the business people and technologists.

"There are very few CTOs who possess not only the ability to execute complex technical tasks, but the high-level soft knowledge that maintains team cohesion, communication with non-technical partners, and essential support in investor pitch meetings. Mr. Robinson is one of them." --Ben Dobyns, COO TFN Corp., CEO ZOE Inc. - See the full Letter of Recommendation from Ben Dobyns at The Fantasy.Network and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment: https://www.hawkenterprising.com/archives/resumes/web/recommendation-testimonial-2020-zoe-tfn

"The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming. He has been tracking and involved in the therapeutic and educational application of role-playing games longer than anyone else. –Adam Johns, Game to Grow, Executive Director, Lead Facilitator.

"I am doing many things. I do not state this lightly. I mean many, many, many things. I have more then 260 active registered domains related to these many endeavors. My overall goal: do what I can in my brief existence to help improve the overall human condition." --Hawke Robinson

Technology innovator with decades of ground-breaking experience. Excels at being the person who helps bring to life from the conceptualization of a business leader’s ideas and turning them into successful technology implementations. Excellent bridge in communication between the business people and technologists.

Known in the healthcare, education, and RPG industries as “The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming”. Innovator in therapeutic, educational, business, games, training, and therapeutic technologies architecture. Extensive experience as a leader, mentor, educator, therapist, and public speaker. An extended background in information technology and computer sciences, music and recreational therapy, neurosciences and research psychology, education and cognitive neuropsychology, role-playing games, physical and information security.

A results-oriented, high integrity, compassionate, creative and energetic professional, who is open-minded, adaptable, flexible, & resilient. Encouraging open dialog, adept at building communities and inspiring team members and organizations to enthusiastically achieve greatness. Simultaneously excelling at enterprise and SMB executive leadership, community engagement, architectural design, program-specific implementation, project management, as well as extensive hands-on execution experience building organizations and technology solutions from the ground up.

Professionals in the therapeutic, education, media, and role-playing game industries introduce me with the title  "The Grandfather of Therapeutic Gaming" title to prospective clients, on talk shows, fan conventions, and professional conferences.

-- "...the grandfather of therapeutic gaming. He has been tracking and involved in the therapeutic and educational application of role-playing games longer than anyone else.” –Adam Johns, Game to Grow, Executive Director, Lead Facilitator.


Psychology Today Verified Professional Service Provider


RPG Therapeutics LLC is a Psychology Today Verified Professional Services Provider



I am an adventurer, advocate, community builder, educator, entrepreneur, innovator, inventor, musician, parent, technologist,  recreation therapist and therapeutic game master, with a diverse background and a broad range of interests.

Until recently, I generally am a behind the scenes impact person. With my decades of background in physical and information security, I am generally uncomfortable putting my information online to such an extent, but due to popular demand, here you can learn a little about me, and what I do. Folks said I should put something a little more personal online instead of just all my efforts behind the scenes and in "professional mode". They suggested something more personal should be available for those that want to know more about the person behind all these projects and communities.

I am an active advocate for:

  • Accessibility
  • Open source (research archives and journals, software, hardware, and general sharing of knowledge that benefits us all, as per the Thomas Jefferson "Taper" quote).
  • Privacy
  • Security (actual, not the many facades)

When meeting in person, most people usually comment on my height (at peak 6'9", now just 6'7", so at least I no longer hit as many door frames as before  :)  ).

I am a Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist with a background in computer sciences, music & recreation therapy, education, neurosciences, research psychology, and therapeutic recreation.

Role-Playing Games Background

  • I have been involved with role-playing games since 1977.
  • Experimenting with various formats and RPG related technologies since 1979.
  • Researching their effects since 1983 (first 8-page essay).
  • Been a paid professional game master since 1983.
  • Providing RPGs for educational settings and goals since 1985.
  • Working with incarcerated populations since 1989.
  • Founded RPG Research's online research repository in 2004.
  • Providing role-playing games to achieve evidence-in-practice therapeutic goals since 2004.

Technology Background

  • I have been involved with computer science and information technologies development, and online, since 1979
  • Automotive technologies since 1986, including instructor at the American Automotive Institute, and 4x ASE certified. I still work on my own cars, and have restored a number of classic cars over the years
  • I have been in just about every role and position related to the computer sciences and information technology up to C-levels (CIO, CSO, CTO, etc.)
  • Currently I am heavily engaged with online presence, learning, accessibility, xR and Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) technologies
  • I am huge advocate for open source, and most projects involve integrating opensource technologies and culture into the companies I work with
  • I contribute to, and manage a number of opensource projects
  • See the project at www.bcirpg.com for more details

Personal Background

I am a proud father of 3 (now adult) boys, a full-time single parent since 2007. A grandfather since 2020.

What I tend to say when expressing frustration about myself, an individual, or a group's actions/choices: "What fools these mortals be, forgive them they know not what they do."

Mantra the rest of the time: "Patience and love, patience and love, patience and love."

More Professional Background Information


Other Hobbies & Interests

  • Acting (theater, video, film) (IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm5620159/)
  • Archery (USA certified archery instructor for Campfire USA)
  • Automobiles (4x ASE certified, instructor American Automotive Institute in mid-90s)
  • Drawing
  • Firearms
  • Languages (Spanish, Russian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Finnish, Japanese, ASL)
  • Literature
  • Martial Arts (Kung fu (Shaolin, Chung Shing, Buk Sin Choy Lay Fut, & others), Aikido, Karate (Goju-ryu), Judo, T'ai Chi, and others.
  • Motorcycle (travel)
  • Music
  • Offroading
  • Outdoors (hiking, rock climbing, canoeing, white water, rappelling, fishing, etc.)
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Politics
  • Sciences
  • Singing
  • SuiteGM
  • Travel
  • Writing

Education & Certifications

  • Precision Tune 5 Star Certified (PT5SC) (1989)
  • Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) x4 (1989+)
  • Certified Nurses Aid (CNA) (1990)
  • Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) trainee at Doxie Hatch (1990-1991)
  • Habilitation Therapist (1990)
  • Teaching certification (1994) (Utah) (Instructor at Bryman Schools / Utah Career College)
  • Associates in Computer Science (1998)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) (1998)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) (1998)
  • Certified Netware Administrator (CNA) (1998)
  • Java 2 Programmer (training) (1998)
  • Silverstream Certified (1999)
  • Broadvision Systems Administration & Performance Certified (2000)
  • Solaris Certified Systems Administrator (SCSAp1) (2002)
  • SANS Institute GCIH (2002)
  • Dell Certified Systems Expert  (2007)
  • Washington State Department of Health Registered Recreational Therapist (2014-2020+)
  • Interdisciplinary Bachelors (Music & Recreation Therapy, Neurosciences & Research Psychology). (2020)



  • Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment using Role-playing Gaming (video | slideshow)
  • Flow State & RPG (video | audio | slideshow )
  • Seattle Children's Hospital WSTRA (video | audio | slideshow )
  • ATRA (video | audio | slideshow )


  • RPG Brain Trust - Trustee of the Year Award (2017):  For R&D, and community programs "assisting those with disabilities to access gaming." with RPG Research and the wheelchair accessible RPG trailers and RPG Bus.


  • $250/hr for individual consultations (phone/video), for on site consultations, if not within 1 hour of Spokane, see daily rate.
  • $2,000/day + expenses for on site locations or public speaking events (or see hourly rate if full day not applicable).


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