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Working on Protocols for Journal Submission, Sorry for Response Delays

I've been working hard (the past few weeks) writing 4 Therapeutic Recreation #RPG protocols (TRPG, LARP, ERPG, SABM) for Autism, at-risk, incarcerated, social phobia, and other populations, for requested submission to the American Therapeutic Recreation Association's Journal and their very specific protocol formatting requirements before this Friday midnight deadline. With everything I'm juggling, not sure it is going to be suitably ready in time for this year, but powering through best I can, hoping I can pull it off before the deadline (and then of course the question if it will actually be accepted). Apologies to folks for my lengthy delays in responding to queries and comments. I'll try to get caught up over the weekend. Wish me luck!

Apologies for the delays. Getting back up and running!

I wanted to let people know I wasn't being intentionally rude in my delays to follow up. Since this has gone on so long, I thought I should try to explain and apologize publicly. I've been struggling with significant health and technical issues the past year, and especially the past 2 months, but this week I'm starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. My sincerest apologies for the extended delay and backlog in my responding to people these past 2 months.