List of published works involving Hawke Robinson



  • RPG Professionals Handbook (December 2018)
  • Study Guide for the RPG Advocate I Certification
  • Study Guide for the RPG Player Archetype Special I Certification
  • Therapeutic RPG Programs for Special Population
  • Assessment Tools for RPG Professionals
  • Therapeutic Recreation Role-Playing Games Handbook of Practice (with WHO classification codes)
  • Study Guide for the Tabletop Game Master I Certification
  • RPG Programs for Educational Settings
  • RPG Therapy - Using Role-Playing Games for Therapeutic Goals
  • Optimizing the Role-Playing Game Experience - Considerations & techniques for Game Masters to provide players with maximal immersion, potential flow state, and high participant enjoyment ratings.
  • Z-Day City adventure module
  • The Case of the Missing Surgeon adventure module
  • Other Minds Magazine (free PDF issues under Creative Commons)
  • Textbook: RPG-099-01 Introduction to Role-Playing Games
  • Study Guiide for the RPG Facilitator I Certification
  • Study Guide for the Live-Action Role-play Game Master I Certification
  • Study Guide for the Game Master Educator I Certification
  • Study Guide for the Game Master Therapist I Certification

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