Call for help with peer review practice webinar participants before big PBS live training webinars.

Looking for Therapeutic Recreation / Recreation Therapy professionals to participate in practice training webinars before delivering live sessions training PBS staff.

Call for help with peer review practice webinar participants before big PBS live training webinars.

I have presented on these topics hundreds of times, but I am feeling significant trepidation about the upcoming PBS live training webinars which includes many therapeutic recreation related topics (I have been involved with RT / TR since 2004).

I have been contracted to train up to 100 people per webinar group, each month, at the Public Broadcasting Service network (not a single station), covering their programming, education, marketing, and communications departments.

This is an incredible privilege and honor. I have presented to larger audiences in less interactive media, but the potential ramifications of PBS's reach and impact are daunting.

I have to customize my usual introductory presentations to fit their specific requirements, and I have to make them somehow all fit within a single hour per webinar, while still providing some live interactive activities.

These are all the topics I have to initially cover in the first two webinars (only 1 hour per webinar!). After that, future training can be more targeted and in depth, but they really emphasized I need to really wow them and not provide a dry experience, so they get excited for more:
  • Games as recreational therapy
  • Role-plating games like Dungeons & Dragons, No Thank You Evil, Doctor Who, The One Ring, Top Secret, and others
  • Incarcerated youth.
  • Ages 2-8 years old and others
  • Kids with ADHD
  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Panic Disorders
  • Gifted & Talented
  • Tabletop and physically active "live-action" games
  • Tools and assistive technologies that make games more accessible
  • Brain computer interface (BCI) controls
  • BCI with robotics

If all goes well, there will be chances to go much deeper in the future, including using my online education platform and training workbook, but these introductory sessions, they have made clear, need to really spark their excitement so they move forward to the next stages.

I am reaching out here hoping to contact TR community members for people interested in acting as participant "guinea pigs" to help me practice my timing, content optimization, get peer review feedback, etc. In the hopes of polishing these specific webinars before the big live PBS sessions.

If you are interested in participating (freely), please contact Hawke Robinson via email: rpgtherapeutics at gmail dot com so I can add you to a contact list, and when I have enough people, I'll start reaching out to you to schedule some practice sessions.

Due to the terms of the contract, I can't post these webinar materials to the general public, I can't send the files out to others for offline review, and I can't send many of the other documents out and about. However, I can perform peer-group practice sessions. I can only practice the webinars in controlled environments that won't be available to the general public.

I appreciate any support folks can provide.