3 Common Obstacles for Autism Spectrum and other Neuro-diverse People

We have seen excellent results with our programs using cooperative music and role-playing games and recreational therapy transition programs when working with a wide range of Autism spectrum clients. There are many challenges, but this posting briefly touches on three that folks may not be aware of as additional challenges that could be addressed by the general public to help.

There are many challenges for ASD, PDD, and other Neurodiverse youth and adults. There are enough challenges inherent, but there are three that many may not realize, and can be addressed separately from the individual clients themselves.

  • "Falling through the cracks" for support and coverage of "higher functioning" client for services for those in transition from youth to adult, when they need a few more years of transitional help to finish the transition process.
  • State ban on successful schools specifically designed to help meet their needs, while at same time school districts resistant to allowing "mainstreaming" (Washington state ruled such schools as unconstitutional segregation).
  • Caretakers identity codependency interfering with individualization and independence of the client.

My schedule is too tight to have time to elaborate on this today, but I hope to have time in coming weeks to circle back and provide more details about each of these issues, and how they can be addressed.