Publishing Deadlines Rapidly Approaching! Next One February 15th, 2023

If I had my druthers, I would just keep releasing all of my writings freely online, as I have done for decades. I will continue to do so. But so many researchers, professors, practitioners, students, and others have been so vociferously asking me for years to put all this content into more structured book format, so they can more easily use and cite them.

Personally I prefer the online approach, but I understand all to well how we all have different processes. :-)

20%+ of all proceeds from these books are donated straight to the 501(c)3 non-profit RPG Research (often 100+% depending on budget availability each month).

The problem I have had with committing to put them into actual books, is that this is such a rapidly evolving space now (YAY!), I feel like by the time I get it into a book, it is already out of date, and may already be contradicted by our latest research and evidence-in-practice.

But so be it, I am caving in and starting to put as much of this content as I can into several books between now and April.

Like everything we do, it will be iterative.

The preview editions will be very rough. Embarrassing to post really, but part of the RFC process toward improvement.

The First Editions will need many improvements, that will need to be addressed in the Second Edition revisions (based on readers feedback). Probably I won't be happy with any of the drafts until the third or fourth edition iteration. But apparently many folks are willing to put up with the "warts and all" approach, so, please be kind. :)

The deadlines are rapidly approaching!

The next one is the February 15th, 2023 deadline to submit the manuscript of the Third Edition Role-Playing Game Level 1 Professionals Workbook (eBook Preview Edition). Then the rapid fire of the other 4 books thereafter.

Still so many pieces to get finished.

A reminder that these eBook Preview Editions are still VERY rough, they are not the final releases that go to print. They are for those that have been asking (for years) for me to get the books out so they can use and cite them, even if they are still "rough".

Here are the other books in the queue to be pre-published between now and April:

Image of multiple books in the queue on the Author's Page for Hawkes-Robinson


RPG Therapeutics Book Publishing Queue Snapshot on Author's page

I will try to get these finished through iterations into printed form throughout the rest of the year. There are additional books in the queue, that do not yet have firm deadlines, but are coming up as well, listed here:

While addressing this (and my own ongoing health issues alas):

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