A more technology heavy version of Hawke Robinson's "About Me" for prospective technology employers.

I am now available for new opportunities from companies needing help from someone at the technology leadership level to help you realize your innovative vision.

Consider reaching out if you need someone who can help you achieve your vision through proven experience and effective methodologies to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate amazing innovations in technology and other sectors.

I have 40+ years of tech, 30+ years R&D, 30+ years music, 20+ years healthcare, 20+ years security, 15+ years management & media, 15+ years Recreation therapy, 10+ years automotive, 10+ years professional photography, and many other diverse experiences in my background.

Involved with tech since 1977. I first began coding in 1979 around 8-9 years old, & was online via ARPANET through the University of Utah!

I am enthusiastic about how technology can help improve the quality of life for people globally, while taking into account the holistic human experience and need for life-balance where it is also important to "unplug".

I have additional diversity with a background in healthcare, music & recreation therapy, research psychology, and the neurosciences.

You can see more details about my unusually diverse and deep background here:

and tech skills inventory list here: 

I have worked and consulted for Fortune 100 & 500 companies.

Not counting the several small companies I built myself over the decades, for others I have built entire IT departments from scratch, including acting directly in all roles necessary for doing the work myself and/or hiring the best people for the job: software, hardware, networking, R&D, VARs, contracts, budgeting, legal, marketing, sales, international distributed teams, facilities design & building, and much more.

I have repeatedly built entire platforms from scratch. Whether using established development platforms, through custom coding from the ground up, or through cobbling together opensource and other technologies. When needed, I only need a few weeks to brush up on my decades of hands-on coding experience and write from scratch or hack what needs to be hacked to make it work.

I prefer clean, well architected, robust, proven methodology-guided approaches, including properly designed, testing-driven, beautiful design patterns, and code, but I can also do quick and dirty prototyping necessary to get things done. Whether classical waterfall project approaches or CI/CD driven Agile related.

I adapt to the best tools for the job to meet the scope of the business, to bring their vision to life.

I have diverse 20+ years hands-on & leadership experience in: technology, proven executive-level management, DevOps, manufacturing, games research & development, software R&D, and healthcare experience.

Repeatedly successful track record for turning companies around from running double-digits in the red, to double-digits in the black within 1 to 3 years.

Excellent skills in business continuity planning & analysis.

Proven record of executive leadership of information technology operations within multiple industries including: IT & InfoSec, Education, Energy, Entertainment, Events, Healthcare & Medical, Media streaming, Non-profits, Publishing, Recreation, SaaS, IaaS, cloud services, virtual office & workplace / telecommuting, & many others. Involved with healthcare since 1990.

Highly adaptable, simultaneously excels at system-level architectural design, program-specific implementation, and hands-on execution.

To be blunt though, letting you know up-front my hands-on coding is getting a bit rusty, so if you want a CTO that is a full-time coder too, rather than the full spectra of diversity across all areas of CTO skills, you may want to consider someone else.

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Consider me if you are looking for someone that has repeatedly brought innovators visions to fruition. Someone with hands-on experience at all technical levels including: R&D, facilities acquisition & development, hardware, software development, systems administration, database, e-commerce, supply chain, manufacturing, networking, security, project management, vendors, services providers, publishing, on-shore and off-shore services, talent recruiting, staff management, and much more.