Why Consult Hawke?

With a broad and deep multidisciplinary background in computer sciences, information technologies, accounting, research psychology, recreational therapy, music, cognitive neuropsychology, neurotech and the neurosciences, I possess not only the ability to help companies success in executing complex technical tasks, but also to develop the high-level soft knowledge that maintains team cohesion, communication with non-technical partners, and essential support in investor pitch meetings, as per https://www.hawkerobinson.com/testimonials/hawke-as-cto-ben-dobyns-the-fantasy-network

"I hope that in my limited time existing that I will have helped contribute to improving the overall human condition." - https://www.hawkerobinson.com/

The mission statement of the non-profit RPG Research (I founded years ago) includes "4) Whenever legally and ethically possible, all such research information will be freely and openly shared with the public to help further advance the global body of knowledge and overall improve the experience of the human condition." https://rpgresearch.com/mission


-Hawke Robinson