RPG.LLC VA Phone Scripts

Virtual Assistant script for answering calls to the RPG.LLC US Toll-free number through Grasshopper, 833.774-7767. Answering US Toll-Free grasshopper RPG.LLC 833.RPG-PROS (774-7767) or RPG.LLC cell phone ? (509.608.6441)

"Thank you for calling RPG.LLC, this is _______________ speaking. How may I direct your call?"

Note, that is spoken as "RPG dot L L C" It is also known as RPG Therapeutics, RPG Parties, RPG Publishers, RPG Mobile.

If asking for the President, Founder, Hawke Robinson:

"May I ask what this is regarding?"


Get their first and last name, log the information, make note about why they wish to speak with Hawke.

If they are calling because they have a scheduled appointment, check the calendar to confirm, then:

"Of course! Thank you so much for calling ________________   __________________.

Mr Robinson is expecting your call. Please hold while I transfer you to his line."

Then forward them to Hawke Robinson's extension 710 or direct RPG.LLC Cell phone: 509.608.6441.

 If not scheduled for an appointment, determine why they want to contact Hawke Robinson.

"I do not show you currently scheduled for a meeting with Mr. Robinson, perhaps I can help you? What were you hoping to speak to Mr. Robinson about?"

If they want to speak, schedule an appointment for a phone call.

Tell the caller the phone appoints are usually limited to 15 minutes maximum, make that clear to the caller, unless prior arrangements have been made. But on the calendar book for 30 minutes on the calendar to allow for "buffer" time.

View Hawke's calendar and set the appointment.

If they just want to leave a message, then take a message, get the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Company they represent (if applicable)
  • Purpose of call
  • Primary contact phone number
  • Primary email address
  • Level of urgency / response time needed.
  • Their Time Zone
  • Best days and  times to call back.
  • Is this a discrete call, or may we leave a voicemail or other message?

If asking for John Welker, refer to extension 709.

If asking for Danielle Whitworth, refer to extension 708.

If asking for Brian Huseland, refer to extension 711.

If asking for David Griffith, refer to extension 712

If asking for Daniel Ivey, refer to extension 713.

If asking for Elizabeth Geller, refer to extension 702