Hawke is one of the "very few CTOs who possesses not only the ability to execute complex technical tasks, but the high-level soft knowledge that maintains team cohesion, communication with non-technical partners, and essential support in investor pitch meetings" --Ben Dobyns, CEO, The Fantasy Network, and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

"There are very few CTOs who possess not only the ability to execute complex technical tasks, but the high-level soft knowledge that maintains team cohesion, communication with non-technical partners, and essential support in investor pitch meetings. Mr. Robinson is one of them." --Ben Dobyns, COO The Fantasy Network Corporation

October 2016 – August 2021

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

The Fantasy Network, Bellevue, WA. - www.thefantasy.network

MARKET: Entertainment Media, Live Events, Online Events, Streaming, OTT, SVOD, Communication.

Taking the CEO's vision and turned it into a reality. Literally built and ran 1.0 of the platform in my living room.

See the full Letter of Recommendation from Ben Dobyns at The Fantasy.Network and Zombie Orpheus Entertainment: https://www.hawkenterprising.com/archives/resumes/web/recommendation-testimonial-2020-zoe-tfn

The Fantasy Network (TFN) over-the-top (OTT) subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service delivers creator-owned genre television and film content in a more accessible, shareable, and discoverable way across the web and via IPTV apps on iOS, Apple TV, Roku, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire, and Chrome TV.

In developing architecture for TFN versions 1 through 3, from scratch I scoped, designed, built, modified, implemented, and extended, personally evaluated, installed, configured, cobbled together, hacked, & prototype tested over 80 technologies, eventually whittled down to 6 core technologies & other supporting products and third-party service providers fully integrated into a single sign on user-friendly experience. Integrating Gluu enterprise identity management, WP, Grenadine, Discord, Zoom, Jitsi, and other technologiesinto single sign-on (SSO) smooth user experience.

With version 4, expanded team size, hosting, partnerships, and developers, to expand the platform to additionally provide live-events support through integration with multiple platforms including Zoom and Jitsi, providing interactive participant audience of over 20,000 concurrent users for large virtual live international convention and film festival events, in video chat, panels, awards, ceremonies, game tables, and more.

A few example events hosted on TFN platform in 2020:

  • Seattle Film Festival

  • New Zealand WorldCon 78 CoNZealand and Hugo Awards

  • Indianapolic GenCon Film Festival

  • Australia Technorama

  • Realm Makers

  • USA ZoeCon

Version 4.5.x branch is now only in maintenance/security support mode, as we design, prototype, and implement version 5.0 as we add additional SSO integration for Mux, VidApp, Wordpress, WooCommerce, Miniorange SSO and API, and other technologies extending the platforms features and smoother user experiences.

Example events saved from cancellation in 2020 due to our platform:

  • ZoeCon IV

  • Technorama Australia 2020

  • Realm Makers 2020

  • 78th Annual WorldCon / CoNZealand / Hugo Awards

  • GenCon Online Film Festival 2020

  • Seattle Film Festival 2020

Hands-on administrative and custom modifications:

  • Odoo / OpenERP, Moodle online learning platform, CollectionSpace museum collection management platform

  • Jitsi Meet with Prosody, Jicofo, Jits-Videobridge, Rocket Chat, Odoo, Moodle, OpenEduCat, MatterMost, and many others.

  • Zoom integration with our own internal SSO and subscribers

  • Gluu, SSO, OAuth, OpenID, Passport, SAML, SCIM, etc.

  • Modoboa email services platform

  • Multiple API integrations

  • SSO and other development and integration for:

    • Discord Integration, Application, Bot development, and extensions

    • Grenadine integration

    • Wordpress and WP modules customization and integration

    • Woocommerce

    • Miniorange

    • Uscreen

    • Jwplayer

    • Mux

    • VidApp

    • Patreon

    • Gumroad

    • Paypal

    • Discourse forum software

    • Plone

    • MediaWiki

  • Linux distros: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

  • DNS management and hosting

  • Openbroadcast Server (OBS), Streamlabs, Youtube & Twitch live audience-interactive broadcasting events

  • Various virtual hosting and cloud services: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, KVM. VirtualBox, KVM, vmware.

  • Apache, Nginx, httpd


  • PostGreSQL, MySQL

  • Node.js (and many related apps), Bash, JavaScript

  • Github

  • Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Protection Systems (IPS)

  • Project Management